Nigerijska glumica tokom ramazana prešla na islam


Nigerijski model i glumica Adunni Ade odlučila je tokom mjeseca ramazana preći na islam iz hrišćanstva. 

Ade je odluku o prelasku na islam objavila na svom zvaničnom Instagram profilu.

Njena majka je hrišćanka, ali joj je otac musliman. Rođena je u Queensu u New Yorku, 7. juna 1976., a radi u Nigeriji, piše The Islamic Information.

U razgovoru za Guardian, rekla je da se osjeća sretnom zbog činjenice da je odabrala islam. Pohvalila je svog oca koji joj je dao slobodu da odabere religiju, rekla je da je većinu svog života bila hrišćanka, ali da je mir našla samo u islamu.

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Do you know why I hardly talk about Religion on here? It is quite sensitive for me. The prejudgment that comes with it and all. You’ve gotta be extremely close to me know what I practice. So for the curious ones who have been asking, Yes I am a Muslim. Born into a Muslim home and was raised as one. If you care to know, B2 in my WAEC Examination. 😊 I have a loving Muslim Father who has given his children the free will to choose any religion they like be it Christianity or Islam. My Mom is a Christian, though not a practicing one. My Step mom is a Christian, My step sisters are Christians, my Step brothers are Muslims. Have I been to a Church before? Plentyyyyy of them. I once converted, name the Church, MFM, RCCG, CLAM, CAC sure been there but one thing was certain, Islam never left me. My ways of dealing, my upbringing, all I learnt was from a Muslim and was what I truly knew. I was scared what folks would think about me if I went back to Islam and this went on for years. About 4 years ago, dec 31st 2016 I decided I would live my life for ME. Me alone! I came back to Islam. I feel fulfilled. I’m happier. I have received more Blessings this way. My Oldest son practices Islam, prays and Fasts as well. Yes, I wear what I like, be it modest or not. Who are you to decide my inner intentions. You know, it’s easy for you to type on your key pads and make assumptions, but folks who know me will say otherwise. Islam I was taught teaches me that we are judged on our intentions by Allah alone. What’s within, not what you see. Not looking for acceptance from anyone. I want people to live their life’s to it’s full potentials. Worry less of what the next fellow is doing. Judge less, focus on you and you alone and watch great things happen to you. As Muslims do know, during the month of Ramadan, the Heavens are opened to accept our supplications and prayers and Hell is Closed and satan is caged down there. Let’s use this time wisely! I experienced Allah’s Greatness this time last year. I am looking forward to receiving my Blessings this year and every other day afterwards. I hope I’ve been able to clarify a few things…. y’all have a lovely night rest.

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Dodala je da je jedna od stvari koja joj se najviše dopadaju u islamu to što ova religija nikada nikome ne daje pravo da sudi o bilo kome, osim Allaha dž.š.

Kaže da je iznad svega je sretna što će postiti tokom ramazana, kako bi se zbližila sa Allahom dž.š.

Ade je majka dvoje djece i nada se da će i njena djeca prigrliti iste blagodati od Allaha dž. š. kao što ih je ona dobila.